Pure Nopal

Fat capture

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D-LAB uses a high concentration of Nopal, also known as Barbary-fig Cactus, to stimulate weight loss by limiting caloric absorption in three ways : capturing fat, controlling sugar levels, and increasing the feeling of satiety.

Nopal is an exotic plant that is part of the cactus family and has strong hydrophilic and lipophilic powers. Thanks to its high mucilaginous fiber content, it can absorb and store both water and fat to better survive in arid environments such as the desert.

Once extracted, dried and ingested, the nopal swells up to 50 times the size of its dried form ! This one uses the fibers of nopal consumptions in the stomach, and favor the feeling of satiety while helping to better eliminate the lipids.

D-LAB is committed to natural, concentrated and highly bioavailable ingredients :

+ You follow a slimming program, for example D-LAB’s Slimming or Fat Burn Programs, and you are looking for something to further these effects.
+ You wish to control your caloric intake and limit snacking
+ You want to indulge in a nice meal without having to worry about gaining a few pounds
+ You want to limit your fat stockage

Take 2 tablets 30 min before each meal during the day; take 4 tablets a day at the most.

A bottle of 56 vegetarian capsules, part of a 28-day program

No side effects. No contra-indications. Suitable for pregnant or lactating women.